Monday, 26 September 2016

Western Cape Government to increase the price of liquor

Liquor Laws Western CapeThe Western Cape Provincial Government (WCPG) plans to reduce alcohol abuse by raising the price of liquor.   Its intention has been published in a green paper (accessible here), which also propose to clamp down on drinking-and-driving and reduce liquor trading hours.   The WCPG estimates the cost of alcohol abuse to the SA economy being between 7% and 10% of GDP (R165 – 236 billion).

A long list of proposals is contained in the green paper, of which the following are amongst the most interesting or alarming (depending on the reader) :
  • Raising taxes or introducing a minimum price for liquor products to increase the price of liquor
  • Reducing liquor trading hours
  • A national ban on alcohol advertising, promotion and marketing.
  • Reducing the number of liquor outlets in areas where there are deemed to be too many liquor outlets
  • Zero-tolerance for drivers whose licences aren’t older than 3 years or under 21 years of age
  • Greater use of breathalyser testing
  • Limiting trading hours and reducing the density of alcohol outlets.
  • Reducing the actual alcohol content in beverages, through national policy.

 Comment can be forwarded to the WCPG on or before 30 November 2016   

KZN Liquor Store Owners warned of scam

Liquor licence holders -   Liquor store owner in KZN has been warned by the SA Police against a scam used to solicit payment of R250.   Licence holders typically receive a sms requesting payment by pretending that this payment is due to a liquor board for its annual liquor licence renewal fee.   The liquor store owner was assured by the National Liquor Authority ("NLA") that the banking details of the scammer differed from the banking detail of the NLA. 

LiquorWise repeats its warning to all licence holders to be aware of such sms's and to enquire from their provincial liquor board or SA Police before making any payment. not to make any such payment.  

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Liquor Store break in - Watch it

Liquor stores - The OK Grocer in Meyer Street, Middelburg, Mpumalanga suffered a break-in on 2 September.  Robbers broke into the store, grabbed liquor and fled in a vehicle.  Liquor store licence holders should take note of the seemingly increasing number of liquor store robberies.  Watch the break-in Here.

(Reported on / Read full article Here)

Monday, 29 August 2016

Western Cape Liquor Authority warns liquor licence holders

Western Cape Liquor Authority - The WCLA has issued a warning to all liquor licence holders.   Licence holders have reportedly been receiving text messages requesting payment of a once-off administration fee of R250-00.   Licence holders are also informed that they will face suspension of their liquor licences or payment of penalties if this "fee" wasn't paid before 1 September 2016. 

The WCLA has emphasized that liquor licence holders should ignore this text message as it wasn't issued by it. 

Sunday, 28 August 2016

Craft beer a day keeps the doctor away

Craft Beer -  Does a craft beer a day really keep the doctor away?  A recent industry – sponsored survey seems to point in that direction.   
It found that craft beer drinkers drank less often, exercised more than non-drinkers and they considered themselves more health conscious.   Craft beer breweries also help to keep the doctor away by increasingly offering outdoor facilities such as biking trails.  A decreased risk of Alzheimer's, diabetes, osteoporosis, and hypertension are some of the known benefits of craft beer.  As far as “research” – non surveyed – is concerned, enjoying a craft beer with family or friends can only be good for you!  Want a list of craft beer health benefits? – click here.
If you agree – or not, we’d like hear what your opinion is.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New Northern Cape Liquor Board - at last

Liquor Board - The long awaited new Northern Cape Liquor Board has been announced.    The Northern Cape has been without a Liquor Board since March 2016, when the previous Liquor Board's term expired.   Due to the expected amalgamation of the Liquor Board and the Northern Cape Gambling Board, the 7 member Liquor Board has only been appointed for 6 months,  followed by a month-to-month contract.   The new chairman of the Liquor Board is Andrew Sia, currently a manager at the post office in Kimberley.  
The new chairman committed himself and his new Board to tackle the current backlog of liquor licence applications with vigour.   However commendable this may be, one cannot help but wonder why the posts weren't advertised sooner to allow for members of the new Board to be appointed much sooner.  

Monday, 15 August 2016

Western Cape Liquor Store robbed

Liquor stores - Liquor store owners in the Western Cape will take note of the reported armed robbery of a liquor store in Gordon’s Bay on 14 August by a police officer and 3 civilians.   The suspects were arrested and expected to appear in the Strand Magistrate Court.  Two firearms, including the police officer’s firearm, were confiscated, according to News24.