Wednesday, 17 August 2016

New Northern Cape Liquor Board - at last

Liquor Board - The long awaited new Northern Cape Liquor Board has been announced.    The Northern Cape has been without a Liquor Board since March 2016, when the previous Liquor Board's term expired.   Due to the expected amalgamation of the Liquor Board and the Northern Cape Gambling Board, the 7 member Liquor Board has only been appointed for 6 months,  followed by a month-to-month contract.   The new chairman of the Liquor Board is Andrew Sia, currently a manager at the post office in Kimberley.  
The new chairman committed himself and his new Board to tackle the current backlog of liquor licence applications with vigour.   However commendable this may be, one cannot help but wonder why the posts weren't advertised sooner to allow for members of the new Board to be appointed much sooner.  

Monday, 15 August 2016

Western Cape Liquor Store robbed

Liquor stores - Liquor store owners in the Western Cape will take note of the reported armed robbery of a liquor store in Gordon’s Bay on 14 August by a police officer and 3 civilians.   The suspects were arrested and expected to appear in the Strand Magistrate Court.  Two firearms, including the police officer’s firearm, were confiscated, according to News24.  

Managers trained by Western Cape Liquor Authority

Liquor Licence Training - Managers of liquor licensed businesses in the Southern Cape successfully attended a training course presented by the Western Cape Liquor Authority.   The training session was recently presented by Education officer, Ms Liezl Cameron - Kolala,  at the Oceans Hotel(Mossel Bay).   Managers of licensed premises, as well as new licence holders, are obliged to attend such a training course as a condition for a new liquor licence to be issued or transferred. 

Any current manager or licence holder in the Western Cape who would like to make a booking for a training session, can contact us HERE.  The next training session has been scheduled for 30 September 2016.

Monday, 1 August 2016

Gauteng Liquor Licence Fees Drastically Increased

Liquor licence fees  -  Gauteng liquor licence fees are set to increase by up to 100%.   This follows the publication by a notice in the Provincial Gazette on 28 July 2016, calling for comments on the new, proposed liquor licence fees.   The proposed increase will be accross the board and includes - application fees, new licence fees and licence renewal fees.  

To receive a fee table showing the proposed, new application fees - send your request to -

Comments can be submitted by forwarding an email to Ms Atlegan Morare at  Comments can also be forwarded to and will be included in Liquorwise's own comments to the MEC.

Craft Beer Health Benefits - on a Serious Note

Craft BeerDoes it seem to you that everyone selling anything is trying to convince you of its health benefits?   Craft beer isn’t any different, but can back it up.   Some of the health benefits associated with moderate consumption of craft beer are the following :
·         Lowers cholesterol (by increasing HDL levels).
·         Increases awareness
·         Reduces the chance of weight gain among women who drink moderately, compared to those who don’t drink.
·         Decreases the risk of Alzheimers
·         Lower risk of being anxious (hypertension).
·         Reduces the chances of cardiovascular disease.
·         Craft Beer is rich in silicon – which helps to make you bones stronger (may prevent osteoporosis).
·         Lessens your chances of heart attack.
·         Lowers the chances of arthritis and reduces severity of rheumatoid arthritis
·         Reduces your chances of diabetes 
·         Hops contain an ingredient which has anti-cancer activity in liver cancer cells;
·         Improves the absorption of fiber

 (Information sourced from

Monday, 4 July 2016

Liquor Act for North West Province?

Liquor Law -  The new, proposed Liquor Act for the North West Province, which was published for comment on 26 August 2015, was withdrawn on 1 September 2015.   No new North West province Liquor Act has since been published.  

Friday, 17 June 2016

Southern Cape - Managers of liquor licensed business to be trained

Liquor Law Training -  The Western Cape Liquor Authority will be conducting a training session in Mossel Bay at 11h00 on Thursday, 30 June 2016, to train managers of liquor licensed premises, as well as directors of companies who have or intend to apply for new liquor licences.   Attendance is obligatory for managers and directors - no new licences will be issued or current licences transferred without proof by way of an Attendance Certificate.  

Any person who wishes to attend, can make a booking with The Licence Co by clicking Here.   There will be a limited number of seats available and booking is advisable.   Past training sessions were fully booked.